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Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Do I Wear… A Floral Skirt?

I go on Polyvore excessively and I constantly see questions that involve items that are similar to ones that I already own, like a floral skirt, so I've decided to address these questions in a segment that I like to call "How Do I Wear…?". So let's get started!
My skirt is a really beautiful thrift store find in an abstract floral print. I decided to do four looks, one for spring, one for summer, one for fall, and one for winter. Let's start with the spring one, since spring is coming up soon.
Et voilà! I just took my skirt, added a white tee, layered a denim vest over that, and added some adorable loafers (they're new!). I am so excited to leave the house without tights, it is not even funny. I felt a nice cool breeze… LOL...
Look at how freezing happy I look! (I'm probably clenching my fists because I need gloves. Sigh…)
Let's just take a moment of appreciation for these loverly shoes before we move onto my summer look
Okay, let's move on!
And bam! We took the same skirt, took off the denim vest, swapped the white tee for a pink tank, and changed the shoes from loafers to some strappy blue sandals. For some people, it's hard to wear a lot of color at once, but it's a fun look if you've got the confidence to pull it off.
Spacing out...

I call this pose "look at how cool I am pretending to be a DJ!" Kinda like this.

Get the look! jacket similar tee oxfords
Check out how relieved I look to be back in my tights. This look would be perfect for school. If you're not into the whole blazer thing (I am…), you could layer a denim jacket instead. I picked up this fabulous blazer when I was on my shopping trip at the Poughkeepsie Mall. It is so beautiful.

If I took myself seriously, I wouldn't have included these last two pics. But I don't, so I will.

Get the look! similar sweater booties
And finally, a winter appropriate look. This is hard because floral skirts are commonly associated with summer-wear, but I managed it. Adding a chunky knit, a cute gold pin, and some ankle booties really winter-ifies it.
Well, this is my last look, so I hope this inspires people to go out and buy a floral skirt of their own. It's a very versatile item that can be worn with many different things and found at many different prices. I hope you all enjoyed! More posts coming soon, I promise. Until then, stay fabulous!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Feel the Wind Running Through My Hair and it's Freezing Me to Death

I'll admit it: I'm in denial. It most certainly is not spring even though I wish with all my heart that it was. In fact, a minute before these photos were taken I was wearing a coat that made me look like I was going to the arctic. But for now I'm going to take it off and pretend that it's already warm enough for me to do so. Now about the clothes: this dress, belt, and bag was purchased two days ago and I'm already cramming them all into one outfit. Why I love them: THEY'RE PURDYYYY. No but seriously the bag is totally amazing because it looks pretty leather-y to me even though it was 25 bucks. And the dress fits me like a glove (I'm actually surprised I couldn't find it online considering it was from H&M and not even on sale or anything so it's probably not old…) And the belt is pretty simple but it's great considering it was $9. Together, they make a fabulous outfit that's great for just walking around and looking fabulous. I just wish people could see it under my coat because that would just be amazing. Oh well, I guess I'll have to just keep waiting for spring. Now excuse me while I go put my coat back on… it's freezing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Très Frenchéé

I've always loved the French look- the classic silhouettes, the minimalistic style, the striped shirts. It's great. This was something I wore last Saturday to see The Artist- it's a great film about a French actor who still wants to make silent movies, long after talking movies were invented. My outfit for this occasion was superb, featuring a red and white striped shirt, a black a-line skirt, short black wedges, and my stunning new bracelet from Modcloth- a website that I have become addicted to looking at. Of course, as many of you may well know, looking can lead to wanting which can lead to buying which can lead to an empty wallet and an empty wallet can leave me très triste (unhappy). I've been taking french lessons since I was four, but I'm still not even close to fluent. Weird, right? Tant pis… Au revoir, mes chic amies qui sont en vogue!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sleeping Mask Quiz!

I'm kinda weird about my sleeping habits. Just thought I should get that out there… I need complete silence and darkness to sleep so I wear a sleeping mask and earplugs to bed. Unfortunately, the sleep mask that I've been using was a freebie from Continental Airlines and it's horrible. It doesn't block out the light as much as I want it to and it's made of (dun dun dunnn) POLYESTER-yuck. So when I went to the mall to buy an eye mask I figured "why not make a quiz out of this?". I stopped over in Claire's to take a look at the selection of sleep masks that they have and I tried four on. I bought one of them and have been happily wearing it every night since. So can you guess which one?
-Keep in mind my comfort but also the visual aspect of the mask.
-Click on the letter of the photo you think it is to find out if you got it right!
-Comment and tell me how you did :)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Shop Shop Shoppity Shop

A lot of people are mislead into thinking that there is a right and a wrong way to shop. This, however is painfully untrue. Nevertheless, there is a more efficient way to shop and I am here to tell you what that might be. I took a little road trip to the Poughkeepsie Galleria to do a little research. So let's shop!
Where to Start?

It may be a bit overwhelming to see all these stores and not know where to start. A good thing to do is take a quick lap around the mall without picking anything up to see your options. Can't wait to get your hands on some clothes? The general rule of thumb is to start with shopping for the harder things like pants (like at Gap, Old Navy, or J.Crew) than work your way to the easier things (jewelry anyone?) at H&M or Forever 21. This way you'll keep yourself motivated and you'll be less tired and frustrated when you're trying on jeans. Another thing is to always END the day with the shoe shopping. That way, you'll really get a good sense of how hard shoes are to walk in when your feet are sore from walking around the mall all day.

It's happened to us all before: You see a top and it's okay compared to other things that you have bought but totally not your style. Maybe you see a great jacket but it just doesn't fit you quite right. Maybe you see a necklace that you like but it's so cheap that you know it's going to break within a day of wearing it. But you know what? We buy it. And why is that? Because of SALES. They can turn an "ehh…" item into a "OMG WHAT A DEAL!" item. But these "deals" will simply sit in your closet year after year until one day you're sending them off to charity because you never wore them. And then you've spent your money on virtually nothing. To avoid the temptation of sales, ask yourself the "do I really need this?" question and then think of at least three outfits to pair it with. If it passes this test than it is most definitely a true bargin.
My Shoprocess

Yes, that is a combination of the words "shop" and "process". This is my shoprocess, what I do when I see an item that I like: So first of all, scour the store for pieces that speak to your personal style, are lifestyle appropriate (a.k.a. no red carpet dresses. unless you plan to walk the red carpet soon in which case I encourage you to shop for those), are in a flattering color, and aren't cheaply made. Let's see what I picked out.
Cute! This would be a great addition to my wardrobe, it would give a pop of color to otherwise boring outfits, it's PINK which is a color that I don't own much of (or any, for that matter) and it's a nice material: a sort-of satin with cotton sleeves. Here are three outfits that I would wear it with:
1) Black skinny jeans and gold chain necklace tucked under the collar paired with ankle booties.
2) Capris and a boyfriend blazer with oxfords.
3) A black pencil skirt, a denim jacket, and leopard print flats (meow!)
But enough talk, let's try this thing on! Cue the dressing room...
Me doing a little dressing room dance with my mom (two eyes are better than one!). This top has great shape with a defined waist. It fits nicely and even though the price isn't fabulous ($57) it's a nice cut and super versitile. Before you decide to buy it, don't forget to check the back...
Dispite my worried expression, I can ensure you that the back fits perfectly, with a little added flair from the drape. So I bought it. Yay!

In Conclusion…

Shopping is fun, no doubt about it. There's a certain thrill when you see yourself in an item that is flattering and fun. But let's be honest, not every item is going to be perfect. In fact, most items probably won't be. If everything fit perfectly that thrill wouldn't exist. However you can't let this get you down. You have to learn that not everything is going to fit perfectly off the rack and that's why you have to learn to go a size up and tailor down. It may be costly but it's worth it because it's an investment in your self-confidence. Now I'm going to go frolic about in my new pink top. Stay fabulous, my friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All I Want For Christmas is You (and a couple other things)

Hello my luvverly readers. I know I’m a little late posting (22 days late, but who’s counting?) but I’ve been a little bit busy what with Christmas and school and all that (sorry… that's not an excuse, I know…) Fortunately, anybody who reads this blog gets to know the intricate details about me and my life and that includes what I did on Christmas! So, without further ado, I give you: Christmas. (All gifts are from my wonderful mother. Thank you so much. You are truly the reason I am fabulous.)
The Presents
How sweet is it waking up to this? I've been hinting that I want a ukulele for some time and here it is. It's so cute and tiny and easy to play. I now know how to play 6 songs which are:
-You Are My Sunshine
-You and I~Ingrid Michaelson
-Somewhere Over the Rainbow
-Dog Days Are Over~Florence and the Machiene
-Billionaire-Travie Mccoy
-New Soul~Yael Naim
Awesome, right? Who would've guessed that I could ever learn to play an instrument?
LOOK AT MY NEW JACKET!!! Black! Wool! Sheaaaaarliiiinggggg….. The other day I had been looking at a burgundy faux leather jacket with a shearling collar at Forever 21. After debating wheather to buy it or not, I decided against it because I had "too many leather jackets already". Weeks later, when I wanted it again, my jacket was nowhere to be found and I was suffering from reverse buyer's remorse. Luckily, my mom knew all this and she went back to Forever 21 to see if she could find it again and while not being the same jacket, this one's pretty darn close. So here's my new mantra: If it's cute, buy it. If it's cheap, buy it. If you'll wear it, buy it. If you love it, buy it. So there ya go!
Just Dance 3! Because Just Dance 1 and 2 don't have modern music. I mean, would my friends really want to bust a move to U Can't Touch This~MC Hammer? It's really only me because I find him fabulous and amazing "Stop! Hammer time" ;)
The Outfit
Dress: Topshop
I have been OBSESSING over this dress. Christmas was the reason I bought it (actually that's not true, I just wanted an excuse to have it in my closet). It took, like, fo-evah to arrive since it was shipping out of England but it was worth it because it fits me and it's beautiful and it's velvettt… Just a pretty, seasonally appropriate dress. Fabulous!
Check out my earrings! Sparkles in a Christmas ornament? What more could a gal want? Close up, please!
And Now a Picture of My Cat
Hope you all had a great Christmas. More posts coming to a blog near you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Necklaces- Veri Pritti
Earrings- Veri Pritti
Quilted Jacket- H&M
Suede Jacket- Gap
Top- Lucky Brand
Skirt- New York (thrifted)
Boots- vintage

I think that it's time to change my blog interface a little, so I'm gonna start giving my posts names now and… well you'll see ;)